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We approach every new project with a willingness to work hand-in-hand with all parties involved – be that the owner, captain, project manager etc. During refits for example we are able to work side-by-side with your crew, and encourage them to continue with their own work programme.

Our accomplished team of riggers, steelworkers, pipefitters, painters and shipwrights have years of experience working together on yacht refit joiner work. We pride ourselves on safely handling the most complicated and complex onboard installations with creativity and expertise.

Our experienced maintenance team can perform all needed work on your yacht in accordance with international yacht standards at most reasonable costs. Our slipway mobile crane allows us to lift your yacht out of the water to perform any required repairs below the water line.

Our entire approach is underpinned by the philosophy of our hands-on and experienced management team.

Our Services

  • Teak renewal and repair as well as other carpentry work
  • Furniture repair and replacement
  • Varnish, paint and insulation work
  • Renewing and replacing accessories and equipment
  • Hull maintenance, paint and polish and osmosis curing
  • Engine service in accordance with manufacturer’s warranties
  • Gel-coat maintenance, composites, epoxy, fiber work
  • Set-up and maintenance of camera controlled surveillance systems
  • Full overhaul, complete refit of an older yacht
  • Steel & aluminum repair or replacement