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Every KaiserWerft yacht is intelligently crafted to the highest performance and quality standards known to the industry, without compromise. The result is integrity that’s painstakingly built into every square inch of every model.

Since 1989, we have strived for perfection and that shows in the exceptional quality of every KaiserWerft yacht that we produce. The sense of quality in a yacht depends upon the choice of materials used and the standard of their finish.

Each phase of yacht construction is carefully planned and engineered using high technology production equipment and processes along with the highest quality materials available on the market today.

“First quality material for a first quality product” is one of the principles of our production department. Full attention is given to material selection. All structural materials are selected and carefully stored in our controlled storage facilities. Newest electronics, equipment, decorating elements and furnishings are chosen from world brands with a proven history of performance.

As always with performance craft, quality of life and quality of engineering go hand in hand. Ride quality has long been a criterion for assessing the quality of a motorcar, now, with a KaiserWerft, owners and guests can expect the same ride quality as that of the finest cars. No easy task when a 70-tonne Motor Yacht is moving at over 40 knots, but made possible by quality of design.

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