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Living on board, a totally new experience. Baroness-566 represents a new generation of catamarans, different from others for its absolutely innovative characteristics. With the Baroness-566 catamaran motor yacht, life on the ocean waves is an exercise in stylish living.

The first sensation you feel when you board on Baroness-566 is to be on a luxury yacht. Built using the highest levels of skill and quality, Baroness-566 is an agreeably rich and elegant in every detail.

The attention to detail shown by Architect Marco Casali, following the “Italian style”, has developed exterior lines which characterize the striking elegance of NYX. Above all, the solutions found for its interiors are beyond compare next to other catamarans. Baroness-566 is so revolutionary and beautiful in all its aspects, that it represents a new generation in the history of catamarans.

Let’s go on board and discover the detailed design: foldable hydraulic gangway, a “chaise-longue” on each aft hull that hides the access to the engines and the technical rooms and further reduces the sound; wide cockpit in teak with sink and barbeque; fridge; large folding table in lightened marble for 10 people; windows and entrance door in stainless steel; aft cushions, to name but a few.

Two lateral stairs lead to the fly, where the helm station is situated, together with a large console with the engine panels and the navigation instruments. Everything is extremely clear and within reach. Behind the helm station, towards the stern, there are spacious sun-lounger cushions, which give the fly area a relaxed and social atmosphere. A folding bimini provides shade from the sun during long stays.

Moving along deck toward the fore, you notice that all hatches are flush and that the passages in the deckhouse sides are very large and without steps. In the bow area, there are a series of spacious lockers, some of them covered by large cushions, affording more than adequate room for all the guests expected on board.

In each stem, there is a standard crew cabin provided across the full range. This has independent access from the deck and is equipped with sink, grating, wc and wardrobes.