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Whatever the nature of the project, KaiserWerft refit assures a high level of enhancement, taking presentation, functionality, comfort and operation to leading-edge industry standards. KaiserWerft refit is a true investment in the pleasure of ownership and in the long term value of the yacht.

As material and labor costs increase, yacht owners look for more suitable yards for maintenance and refit work for their yacht. KaiserWerft offers a dedicated refit & repair department that serves both members of the KaiserWerft fleet and other superyachts that need upgrading to a premium standard. We have a separate hall available for these projects, with direct access to the workshops. A specialised team offers the service and logistics that professional refits require.

Even the best-maintained yachts eventually require refit, repair or conversion. Whatever your needs are, whatever type and make of yacht you own, you can count on us to carry out the work with the precision and attention to detail that have made KaiserWerft yachts legendary. Our standard: to return your vessel to you with the performance and expected service life of a newbuild.

While full-scale refits and conversions are carried out at all our shipyards. We are also well equipped to perform technical upgrades onsite anywhere in the world. Our services include comprehensive maintenance concepts with continous onboard computerized monitoring of all processes, complete with detailed time and work schedules for servicing and inspection. A spare parts database and Internet support ensure swift and trouble-free work.

Trust your ship to us when the time comes for a repair or refit, and make the most of your yacht.