The Baroness-Power-565 was born from the vision of designing an elegant, sleek looking, high performance cruising catamaran. Speed was the key component of the design and therefore the Baroness-Power-565 would be a lightweight catamaran built in high-tech composites.

Displaying an open space minimalist design without sacrificing comfort, the Baroness-Power-565 is a luxury catamaran that offers four cabins in its standard design, and to accommodate individual needs this innovative fast cruising catamaran is offered on a semi custom basis.

The Baroness-Power-565 power catamaran exemplifies the latest advancements in the evolution of boating. Family entertaining, diving, serious fishing and comfortable overnight cruising are at the heart of the Baroness-Power-565 power catamaran’s multipurpose layout.

It represents the fine balance between economy, comfort and speed. Many boats have two of these qualities but only the KaiserWerft has all three.