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The awesome 85 m motor yacht project Kaiser-85 will represent the all-new KaiserWerft flagship. She is an innovative motor yacht with elegant and distinguishing lines, a very personal yacht, she conveys serenity and privacy, along with a sociable spirit.

Designed by Luca Dini and driven by four diesel electric engines and Voith Schneider propulsions which for the first time approach the yachting world together with KaiserWerft. Two German companies working together for offering technology, elegance and performance to the Owners of their motoryachts.

The KaiserWerft team has paid great attention to the real problems involved in sailing the adverse weather condition and rough seas, and sheer hard work has ensured that this motoryacht, designed and built for safe sailing in all conditions, is perfectly dependable.

The superior quality of the materials used to build sturdy hull and a solid tradition based on the ability of skilled workers have guaranteed the foundations of the working method of which KaiserWerft is proud of.

A masterpiece of German engineering granted by KaiserWerft and Voith combined with the Italian taste make this superb superyacht an attractive beauty for a very demanding Owner.

A flagship of supreme modern luxury magnificently designed by the Italian Luca Dini Design studio, eye-catching exteriors with dynamic, sleek, harmonious lines, and elegant interiors furnished in a luxuriously refined contemporary style.

This amazing vessel represents a perfect synergy of the shipyard’s traditional qualities and the technology of another world wide reliable German company such as Voith Schneider which supplied the diesel electric propulsion system.