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The Kaiser-43 is a yacht being built by artisans: Elegant style that perfectly combines contemporary and classic employed to ensure her unique profile (not the straight bow anymore) and futuristic detailing are perfectly crafted.

The Kaiser-43 can be also available with the innovative Voith Inline Propulsion System (VIP). The electromagnetic propulsion is powered by a diesel electric system and new electric propellers from Voith Germany.”

Rational technology and visual beauty.

Comfort, perfect stability, state-of-the-art technology, elegance and high performance create something unique and exclusive. With powerful lines designed by Luca Dini Design, she exudes an effortless image of elegance and power. The exterior design is simple and elegant and the layout is spacious and functional with a perfect alchemy between the art deco and hi-tech interiors.

Luxury amenities, fine detail and sophistication in furniture are the basis of a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that make this yacht a true home feeling.

A 43 metres long range tri-deck cruising yacht that offers an exceptionally spacious, she can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in complete privacy with separated quarters for up to 6 crew. The owner is accommodated in a magnificent suite on the main deck while throughout the boat there is ample scope for customization.

The Kaiser-43 is a world class tri-deck yacht designed for those who are seeking the ultimate cruising experience. With a sober and traditional exterior profile, world class fit and finish, and spacious accommodations that offer on deck master and wide and cosy galley design the Kaiser-43 is nothing short of palatial.

The large living and relaxing areas an in-depth study of space and light provide an unforgettable, comfortable and relaxing cruising experience.

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